11 Strangest Things Doctors have Found in the Ear Canal

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There are many things people are warned not to put in their ears; cotton swabs, bobby pins, toothpicks... but some doctors have found some pretty surprising things in there. This article will give you 11 of the strangest things doctors have found in the ear canal.

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Wait, they found WHAT?

1. A cricket: Could you imagine? Talk about being uncomfortable.

2. Watch Battery: Yeah, they're pretty small... but I'm not convinced that dignifies putting it in your ear canal.

3. Moth: Excuse me what... Just picturing that thing fluttering around in my ear gives me the chills.

4. Play-Doh: Mom's- make sure you're really cleaning up when they are done playing, that stuff can get everywhere.... seriously.

5. Flesh-Eating Maggots: It doesn't get much worse than this... check me into the ER ASAP because I would be having a heart attack.

6. Dandelion: Yes this is strange, but what is even stranger is it continued to grow 2 cm in the child's ear canal!

7. Barbie Shoe: Not sure how/why but I guess kids will put anything in their ear that fits!

8. Living Spider: If you have a fear of spiders, this may be one of your worst nightmares.

9. Tooth: Again... why? The tooth fairy isn't finding it in there!

10. Cockroach: This goes along with the cricket... so uncomfortable!!

11. Legos: Correct me if I am wrong but legos aren't THAT small... I am honestly kind of impressed by this one, this kid probably put in some effort.

Protect Your Ears!

It sounds silly to be told not to stick any of the above things in your ear, but now you have officially been warned. You should never stick ANY object into the ear canal. Even things like cotton swabs can be harmful and everything just pushes the wax back further worsening the problem. If you do get something stuck in your ear (whether you did it intentionally or not) go see your doctor so they can safely remove it.

And lastly, parents be aware of the small objects your children are playing with. No one wants to be the next one to spend the night in the ER because a Barbie shoe was stuck in their child's ear.

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