A Tribute to Cotton Swabs

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Thank you, cotton swab, for erasing the ochre tears that streamed down my face from when, in a hurry to get ready, I jabbed my eye with the mascara wand.

Thank you, cotton swab, for removing the nail polish from my cuticles with a precision that I did not possess when applying the color.

Thank you, cotton swab, for fitting between the keys of my laptop, removing the dust, grime, and residual chip crumbs buried there.

Thank you, cotton swab, for being the perfect paintbrush for my niece's small toddler hands, your cotton head dipped in red and blue paint, creating dots and squiggly lines. Thank you for being completely disposable after she tired of her artwork, and decided to chase the dog through the house.

Thank you, cotton swab, for not being forced into ears. Thank you for helping me avoid enduring the pain of impacted earwax, bruised ear canals, and punctured eardrums.

Cotton swabs have a versatility that extends past the common but often damaging practice of earwax cleaning. Use the swab for precise application of acne medication, or swabs can be used to clean piercings, and jewelry as well as for a multitude of crafts.

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