Did You Know Ears Can Clean Themselves?

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Before you stick that cotton swab, fingertip, bobby pin, or whatever you use to try to clean out your ears, take a second and ask 'why?' Where did you form the habit of constantly digging out your earwax?

Did you know that your body actually has a self-cleaning mechanism specifically designed to remove your old earwax?

Keep reading to discover how this process works and maybe you will save a ton of money on cotton swabs...

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How it Works

Your ears have a self-cleaning process that closely resembles a "conveyor belt." This process is ongoing and normal and whenever you try to dig out earwax, that cotton swab disrupts this natural process.

Your ears are built to move old earwax through the ear canal by motions of chewing and other jaw movements. Once the old earwax reaches the outside of the ear, it dries up and flakes off! 

Follow the diagram below to find out how self-cleaning works!

  1. Where is earwax produced?
  2. Where does earwax collect foreign invaders?
  3. Where and how is earwax removed?

FUN FACT: Earwax is produced in the outer part of the ear canal, not deep inside of the ear, so stop digging!

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