How Often To Get Your Ears Tested

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When it comes to our ears, they can sometimes be easy to forget unless there is a problem. We get our eyes and teeth checked regularly, so why not our ears? This article explains how often and why it is so important to get our hearing tested.

Why Get your Ears Tested

A hearing test doesn't only check your hearing ability, but also the health of your ears! It can be very beneficial and may lead to findings of other conditions like earwax buildup that you may have been unaware of. Sometimes the hearing loss can be hard to detect and you may not even know you are being affected by it until you are tested.

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How Often To Get Your Ears Tested

According to the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals, how often they recommend you get tested depends on your age. People 18-45 years of age should their ears tested every 5 years, people 45-60 every 3 years and people 60 and older should be tested every 2 years.

They start the age range at 18 for many different reasons but mostly because the two main reasons for hearing loss is aging and noise. At this age, they have gone several years being exposed to loud noises.

Of course, it can all depend on an individual's needs and ability to hear. Some may need regular testing at a younger age.

Where To Get Your Ears Tested

Below is the list of places that offer hearing tests:

  • School! How awesome and convenient to not have to schedule a doctor's appointment and take your child out of class? This applies to grades K-12 and some universities.
  • ENT Offices is one of the most reliable places to get a hearing test done. They specialize in ears and there is always a doctor available if one is needed. Appointments are usually required at these offices.
  • Wholesale Stores are also an option. This includes places like Costco or Sam's Club. It's important to call ahead and schedule an appointment because they are often booked up.
  • Audiologists are another great source. Either an independent source or franchise is available and is recommended if you already wear hearing aids. An appointment is also recommended for this option.

We highly suggest not relying on any online hearing tests. They can be fun and maybe even educational but they are not recommended in place of a specialist.

Ear Tests Matter!

Your ears don't have to be bothering you for you to get them tested! It is sometimes hard to detect the loss of hearing without a test. It is also always a bonus to check up on the overall health of your ears.

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