What Is Ear Irrigation?

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What is ear irrigation?

I’m glad you asked. Simply put, ear irrigation is a routine procedure that can be done at home or in office. To irrigate the ear, you can flush out the ear canal with a saline solution or slightly warm water. This flushing will evacuate excess wax and debris from the ear.


Ear irrigation works best when you’ve dissolved the wax first with a product like Earwax MD. Earwax MD, in just 15 minutes, will loosen, soften, and dissolve the wax in your ear canal. When followed up with an ear irrigation kit like Wax Blaster MD, (both are found on our website, Amazon, and in nationwide CVS and Rite Aid stores) the wax and debris are flushed out of the ear and into the wash basin. Wax Blaster MD is a spray bottle specifically designed with a unique ergonomic structure that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The wash basin included in the kit is also ergonomically designed to fit right under the base of your ear for easy rinsing. The spray nozzle extender and tip allow for easy positioning in the ear and just the right amount of water pressure to quickly and thoroughly clean the ear canal.

Don’t worry if you see chunks of wax or cloudy water in the wash basin after you’ve irrigated your ear. That’s normal. It just means that the products are working!

Remember to be safe when irrigating your ears. Don’t use water that is too cold or too hot, as it can cause dizziness or vertigo.

Happy rinsing!



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