6 Causes of Itchy Ears

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Here’s the sitch: relieving your ear itch is our niche. Here at Eosera, we do Everything Ear Care—that includes soothing those itchy ears. There are many things that can cause itchy ears, but we’ve narrowed it down to 6.


  1. Impacted ears

If you produce too much earwax, your ears may become clogged with that sticky stuff. It may cause itching of the ear. Luckily, impacted ears can be cleaned out by using a product like EARWAX MD in conjunction with WAX BLASTER MD.


  1. Skin Conditions and Dry Skin

Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis can manifest in the ear canal where the skin is thin and delicate. Since it’s a canal, it can potentially be a breeding ground for bacteria. If the skin is broken due to these skin conditions, it could lead to infection. Some people don’t produce as much wax as they need to lubricate the ears. If you have skin as dry as our humor, you might experience flaky skin around the ear. We’ve specially formulated a product just for your Sahara Desert-like ears, EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME. Paired with EAR ITCH MD, a product that reduces itching caused by skin irritation in the external ear canal, this dynamic duo will leave you feeling like you’re swimming up to your ears in moisture. Name a more iconic duo; we’ll wait.


  1. Hearing Aids

Itchiness may be caused due to the plastic coating surrounding the hearing aid. Additionally, water or debris may become trapped behind the hearing aid, causing itchiness and discomfort. Make sure to get your hearing aids fitted correctly to avoid any discomfort or itchiness.


  1. Ear Infections 

Itchiness is a sign that an ear infection may be developing. A number of things can cause an ear infection, including a buildup of wax, water being trapped in the ear, and the flu or a cold. Some ear infections go away on their own, but if yours is persistent or not getting better, antibiotics may be in your future. 


  1. Food Allergies

Some food allergies may cause itchiness in the ears and face. If you’re allergic to dairy, nuts, shellfish or fish, wheat, or soy, you may experience itching in the ears and hives.


  1. Swimmer’s Ear

The scientific name for swimmer’s ear is acute otitis externa, and it is caused by water becoming trapped inside the ear canal and becoming infected. Just like other ear infections, this may cause itchiness. 


So, there you have it! 6 common causes of itchy ears. If you experience ear itchiness, EAR ITCH MD is here/hear to help!





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