Ears and Seasonal Allergies

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Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again. The allergens are in the air and it’s leaving you clogged up and miserable. Between the watery eyes, the stuffed-up nose, and those itchy, clogged ears, it can feel like your head is going to explode. I know the feeling.

According to, allergens in the air can cause ear pain, ear itch, and a Man with ear painbuildup of fluid in the ear canal that can be painful and uncomfortable. Luckily, we’ve created products that combat ear pain and ear itch. With EAR ITCH MD being the first of its kind on the market, you’ll need it in your arsenal to fight against those pesky pieces of pollen. EAR ITCH MD reduces the itch caused by skin irritation in the external ear canal.

EAR PAIN MD™ is a fast-acting, doctor-recommended drop that treats pain at the source. The active ingredient, lidocaine, works to temporarily desensitize the nerves and numb the painful nerve endings in your ear canal. 

EAR ITCH MD® and EAR ITCH MD® NIGHTTIME work in tandem to help you ditch that itch! EAR ITCH MD comes in an easy-to-use spray that provides relief right where you need it most. We designed the formula to temporarily relieve itching in the ear canal, providing immediate ear itch relief.

EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME is the newest innovation in ear care. Made with essential and naturally occurring oils, EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME soothes the outer ear canal so you can catch those Z’s without any itchy interruptions. It works to revitalize dry, damaged skin overnight so those canals can become hydrated and silky smooth.

Armed with these three products, you’ll surely combat ear itch and ear pain due to allergies this season.





Eosera is happy to provide an ever-expanding ear care line, EARcareMD™!
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