6 Things that Cause Kids Ear Pain

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What are the top causes of ear pain?

Believe it or not, it's actually really common for children to experience ear pain. Ear infections, strep throat, earwax buildup, sinus infections, shampoo trapped in the ear, and the use of cotton swabs in the ear canal can all be culprits of the pain your child is experiencing in their ear.

Ear infections: According to an article on Revere Health, ear infections are one of the top 5 reasons children see a doctor. Ear infections are so common in children because their ear canal is still so narrow. This makes it more difficult for the ear to work properly. When this infection occurs, it can be very painful. The doctor will usually prescribe your child with some antibiotics but that is solely to fight the infection, it doesn't help with the pain.

Strep throat: In the same article on Revere Health, strep throat is another main reason kids are taken to see the doctor and can also be the reason your child is complaining of ear pain. The doctor will again prescribe your child with antibiotics to fight the infection without curing the pain your child is experiencing.

Earwax buildup: Some people believe that earwax impaction is something that only happens to older people but it can actually affect younger ages as well. When earwax builds up in the ear canal it can create pressure and become very painful. The best way to relieve some of this pain is removing the excess earwax. Earwax MD is a great and easy solution for this issue.

Sinus Infections: Sinus infections are never fun and create some uncomfortable conditions for your child, including ear pain. The more common symptoms of this are nasal congestion, facial pain, and a runny nose. Usually, sinus infections can be something that goes away on their own but your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to fasten the process.

Shampoo trapped in the ear: Any type of water or fluids that get trapped in the ear can create a very uncomfortable situation. Be sure to always be drying out your child's ear after swimming or showering.

The use of cotton swabs: Cotton swabs should never be put inside the ear canal... the same goes for bobby pins, toothpicks or any other object. This can push wax and other debris further back causing more pain and pressure.

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