Teething and Ear Pain

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Congratulations! You are a new mother and have received one of the most precious gifts of all, a perfect new baby. The first few months have gone by and you are finally getting some sleep... then boom they start teething.

Teething can be a really tough time for babies with the discomfort they experience. The pain from an erupting tooth can cause discomfort in their ears. Teething does not actually cause an ear infection but this article gives you tips to soothe the ear and prevent further pain.

How Does Teething Impact Babies' Ears?

A big sign of ear infections is when a baby begins pulling on their ears, but this can also happen when they begin teething. According to an article on Parents, nerves in the back teeth branch out to the middle ear, so it can feel like his pain is coming from his ear. This is what's causing their tugging on the ears.

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The Difference Between Teething And An Ear Infection

Like I said above, pulling or tugging on ears and being fussy can be signs of both an ear infection and teething. Thankfully, being able to tell the difference is pretty simple. If they are teething they will have red/swollen gums and most likely will drool more than usual. They will probably cry more than usual as well, just as they do when they are feeling sick. The best way to indicate that they are experiencing an ear infection is if they are running a fever. If their temperature is higher then normal, take them to the doctor to get everything checked out and get antibiotics if needed.

How To Soothe Teething Pains

Cutting a tooth is extremely painful for babies. As moms, it is completely natural to want to help your newborn through this hard time. Luckily, there are many little things you can try to help your baby through the teething process.

One of the most helpful things you can do is massage their gums, this soothes the pain and can help them relax. A lot of babies also really take to chilled teething rings, this also soothes the gums. Another simple thing to do to help is drying their drool. The amount they drool increases when they are teething and cleaning that up for them is helpful and may calm them down a little. Some doctors suggest giving them Tylenol to help with the pain.

Happy Baby Means A Happy Momma!

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, but scary times. It is easy for new moms to get overwhelmed and feel defeated. Hopefully, this article gives some support and helpful advice when it comes to the time of your babies' teething process. Remember, you've got this!

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