Can You Use Earwax MD® With Hearing Aids?

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If you use hearing aids, you know all about the dreaded trip to and from the hearing aid center, just to have your hearing aids cleaned. Earwax buildup can contribute immensely to malfunctions in the hearing aid, as wax can clog the hearing aid and reduce its effectiveness. Earwax MD® can be used to remove earwax and ensure a clean and clear ear, optimizing the ear for the most effective hearing aid use. 

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Hearing Aids and Earwax

Hearing aid users are at a higher risk for earwax impaction. According to Harvard Health Publications, hearing aids, which block the normal migration of earwax out of the ear, may also stimulate glands in the ear canal to produce more secretions. By some counts, between 60% and 70% of the hearing aids sent in for repair are damaged by earwax. Earwax gets into vents and receivers, and the acidity degrades components. 

This buildup of earwax in a hearing aid can:

1. Damage a hearing aid

2. Cause feedback in the device

3. Reduce the effectiveness and sound quality of the hearing aid

4. Shorten the lifespan of the hearing aid

In addition, if you use hearing aids, you also face a dilemma when it comes to managing your earwax.

The current guidelines from the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation recommend that people who wear hearing aids get professional ear cleaning once or twice a year. But the trips to the doctor can be time-consuming and expensive- Earwax MD® is here to help!

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