How Earwax Protects Your Ear

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Stop digging that earwax out of your ear! 

Believe it or not, that sticky substance does actually serve a purpose. 

Your earwax not only lubricates and self-cleans, but earwax has protective properties as well.

Earwax is another one of our body's under-appreciated yet totally amazing protective devices! Similar to eyelashes and nose hair, earwax shields our body from invaders.

Keep reading to see what your earwax protects you from...

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Earwax has anti-bacterial properties to protect your ear canal from foreign invaders.


These include:

  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Micro-Organisms
  • Fungi
  • Water

These substances that don't belong in your ear can irritate, inflame or infect. 

Since our ears are self-cleaners, you should never, ever stick anything in them- whether that is a cotton swab, ear candle, bobby pin or your finger. Follow this to read more about why you shouldn't place fingers in your ears. 

Instead of cleaning your ears out, these 'tools' can bring bacteria into your ear canal.

When you put something in your ear to scratch an itch, or to attempt to remove wax, you risk pushing wax further into the ear. This can cause it to become blocked- potentially resulting in earwax impaction.

Although earwax does have anti-bacterial properties, when foreign objects are placed in the ear, it increases the risk of infection.

Earwax protects your ears, but it offers other benefits! Though earwax is not glamorous, or often spoken about, it is a necessity for our ears to operate to the best of their ability. 

Your ears are designed to protect your ear canal, so let them take care of themselves! 

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