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PSA: As of today, we are all going to start being THANKFUL for our ear wax!

Usually, earwax is considered a negative thing. But in reality, ear wax is actually very beneficial to our health and protects our ears daily. So, I have provided an article full of reasons to start looking at ear wax as more of a positive thing!
Ear Wax is Protecting Your Ears
It's actually the job of ear wax to protect your ear canal. Without the wax, you are at a higher risk for infection. Yes, there is such a thing as too much ear wax but for the most part, it's protecting you.
Wax, or Not Wax?
The scientific name for earwax is cerumen. Cerumen is a substance made of dead skin cells, small hairs, and secretions from the ceruminous glands in the outer ear canal. So if it makes you feel any better, your ears are not actually full of "wax".
Unfortunately, Ear Wax Can Affect Your Hearing
It is important to make cleaning your ears a habit. If there is a build up in ear wax, it can block your eardrums and prevent you from hearing up to your full ability. But like I said before, this article provides reasons to be positive about ear wax. So the good news is, we can fix that!
What is the best way to clean your ears? EarWax MD, duh! Using other methods like cotton swabs, and ear candling can just push the wax back further and cause more damage. EarWax MD dissolves the excess ear wax in 15-30 minutes.
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Do You Have Itchy or Dry Ears?
If your answer is yes, it's most likely because you do not have enough ear wax. While there is such a thing as having too much ear wax, there is also such a thing as not having enough. Earwax acts as a lubricant for our ears and prevents that from happening.
Thanks, Ear Wax!
Well now you know, ear wax is not a bad thing and it is never something to be embarrassed about. Let's start being thankful for our wax protecting our ears for us.

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