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Mascara? Check! Lip-stick? Check! Moisturizer? Check! Earwax MD? ...Wait what?

Summer is approaching and just like that it's time for traveling! Whether headed to the beach for a weekend getaway or boarding a flight for a business trip, you can always rely on a woman's make-up bag to be stocked with all the essentials. Those products include everything from make-up, to beauty products, to hygiene musts.

Now it's time to introduce your make-up bag to something new, Earwax MD!

What is Earwax MD?

Earwax MD is a doctor recommended product that is clinically proven to safely and effectively dissolve excess or impacted earwax. The product is very user-friendly and even comes with a rinsing bulb to make the process easier. Once you drop the solution in your ear, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to do its' job.

Why is it Makeup Bag Worthy?

Let's be honest ladies, we have our skincare routine down to a science... why should our ears be any different? Because Earwax MD is so simple and fast, it makes adding it into your weekly routine easy.

I know what you're thinking... you have cotton swabs just for that reason. Well, the ugly truth is, cotton swabs are just making things worse. By using cotton swabs, you are actually pushing your earwax further down into the ear canal and causing more damage. You should never stick any object into your ear canal! So ditch the ancient cotton swabs and say hello to Earwax MD! You'll thank me later.

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Why Ear Care is Important

Cleaning your ears should be just as important as cleaning your teeth, just maybe not as often. You do not have to suffer from excess earwax to use Earwax MD. Cleaning your ears regularly may help reduce your chances of infection and even help you hear better. You may not even be aware that you aren't hearing well until you clean your ears properly!

Not to mention, earwax buildup can cause a less than pleasant odor (ew!). Honestly ladies, who wants to get caught out on a date night with smelly ears? Let's make sure that when your crush leans in for that first kiss, he's getting whiffs of the perfume on your neck instead of the earwax in your ears.

Lastly, when it comes to warm weather, it is not uncommon for a body of water to be involved. As nice and relaxing as a day by the pool might be, excess water in the ear canal can end up ruining the fun. A quick use of Earwax MD may just be helpful to clean your ears out after a day by the water.

Bon Voyage!

So don't forget to get your toothbrush, your lotion, and your Earwax MD! Now your makeup bag has all the essentials and you are ready for a getaway. Traveling can be tricky, but ear care doesn't have to be!

 Click here to learn how often to get your ears tested!

Eosera is happy to announce our ear care line, Everything Ear Care!

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Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nationwide and Rite Aid stores.

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