7 Celebrities That Struggle with Hearing Problems

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About 20 percent of Americans suffer from hearing loss, that ends up to be around 48 million people. Hearing loss can affect anyone, even well-known celebrities! This article gives a small list of celebrities you may have never known suffer a great deal from hearing loss.

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7 Well Known Celebrities with Hearing Problems

1) Halle Berry- Berry lost 80 percent of hearing in her left ear after being beaten by her boyfriend over a decade ago. 

2) Rob Lowe- You would have never known, famous actor Rob Lowe is completely deaf in his right ear.

3) Marlee Matlin- Matlin is an Oscar-winning actress who is completely deaf.

4) Kristin Chenoweth- This famous actress and singer, suffers from Meniere's disease which causes progressive hearing loss.

5) Lars Ulrich- This Metallica drummer suffers partial hearing loss and tinnitus from playing drums without any hearing protection for years.

6) Heather Whitestone- Whitestone was the first deaf woman to ever win Miss America. She became deaf at only 18 months old.

7) Lance Allred- Allred was the first deaf man to play in the NBA... Pretty impressive.

Hearing Loss Can Impact Anyone

It's truly amazing the great things these individuals have accomplished while facing such a difficult disability. Hopefully, this article was an inspiration to anyone that may be feeling defeated by hearing loss and a positive message to pursue your dreams.

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