How Being Overweight Can Affect Your Hearing

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There are many health factors that come into concern when being overweight, but did you know hearing is one of them? In 2011-2014, more than one-third of all adults in the United States were obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and it has been on the rise since then. This article will explain how being overweight can affect your hearing.

How our Ears Work

In our inner ears, we have tiny hair-like cells that are responsible for us hearing sounds and sending them to the brain. The health of these hair cells strongly relies on our blood flow and oxygen. When being overweight, the body is forced to work harder than it is supposed to putting strains on our capillaries and off-putting an insufficient amount of oxygen that we need. If these hairs are damaged, there is nothing that can be done to regenerate them and that is when we get hearing loss.

Along with hearing loss, being overweight can result in a risk of a stroke and high blood pressure.

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are overweight, talk to your doctor, they are professionals and will know the safest and most efficient way for you to return to a healthier lifestyle. It never hurts to get active! Cardio is a great way to start increasing your blood flow and blood velocity throughout your body.

It is also important to be eating healthy foods. The best foods to eat for healthy hearing are foods that contain magnesium, zinc, folic acid, and potassium.

If you are not overweight, don't think it will never happen to you. Start living a healthy life now and decrease your odds of hearing loss before it's too late.

Happy Hearing!

Living a healthy life is so important for so many reasons, not just your hearing. Be supportive of others and lead by example. One of the best ways to stay youthful is some exercise, and summer coming is just another reason to get outside and enjoy the warm air!

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