Studies Show Smoking Can Cause Hearing Loss

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Everyone knows the harmful side effects smoking comes with; cancer, tooth decay, heart disease, loss of sense of smell/taste..... and hearing. I know what you're thinking, how could smoking affect my ears? This article will tell you how!

How Smoking is Related to Hearing Loss

One in five Americans or roughly 20% of the US population are smokers, according to That is a huge chunk of people that are putting themselves at risk.

A Japanese study suggests that the risk increases with each additional cigarette people smoke on a typical day, according to The study also suggested that compared to nonsmokers, people who currently smoke were 60% more likely to develop high-frequency hearing loss that makes it hard to understand speech in noisy environments.

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Tips on How to Quit

Quitting something is never easy, but for the health of your body and your hearing, it is important. Here are a few helpful tips to help you quit smoking:

  • Imagine your future: Before you quit, imagine yourself down the road, a grandparent, healthy and able to spend time with your grandkids. No one wants to end up spending the rest of their lives sick in a hospital for something they may have been able to avoid.
  • Don't look back: There is no such thing as having "just one" cigarette to relieve the withdraw. Once you have had one, it makes it easier to have another. Set a time to have your last one and stick to it.
  • Don't keep them around: Consider making that last cigarette the last one in the pack. Keeping them around just furthers the urge. When you don't have any, it's easier to avoid.
  • Tell your family: Most of the time, a family is thrilled to learn that their loved one is giving up smoking. Let your family in on your plan and let them be a support system for you. There is no better type of tough love and they will tell you no when you need to hear it the most.

Stop Smoking Now So You Can Have Healthy Hearing Later

It's no surprise that smoking causes some health issues but some people don't realize that one of those issues can be their hearing. If the long list of other harmful things it does to your body isn't enough, let your hearing be the reason to stop. Next time you are thinking about quitting, reference the tips above to help you out.

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