5 Fun Facts About Your Dog's Ears

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We all like to claim ourselves as dog lovers and we may know a lot about taking care of them and providing a loving environment, but how much do you know about their ears? So here are 5 fun facts you may have never known or even considered thinking about when it comes to your dogs and their ears.

5 Fun Facts About Your Dog's Ears

  1. Puppies are born deaf. For the first couple of weeks, their ear canals are closed off and they can't hear anything.
  2. Are you ever wondering if your dog is paying attention? You can tell by their ears! When a dog is engaged, they have erect ears that are facing forward.
  3. Dogs can hear EVERYTHING... they have the ability to pick up high-frequency pulses (which could even be vibrations of bugs in the walls).
  4. Depending on the breed, dogs have about 18 ear muscles. Humans only have 3, which explains why dogs can rotate, tilt, raise and lower their ears.
  5. According to Nationwide Pet Insurance, the number one reason owners took their dogs to the vet in 2016 resulted from ear infections.
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Dogs Have Ears Too!

When it comes to dogs, we consider them family. Make it a part of your weekly routine to care for your dog’s ears, they are such a vital part of their anatomy and health!

Ear care is not always something we think of doing when it comes to our dogs, but it is so important. Regular and proper ear cleaning for your furry friends will save you an extra trip to the vet during a busy and stressful week.

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