5 Tips for an Easy Ear Cleaning Experience for your Dog

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The ears are such an important part of a dog's anatomy. Right behind their sense of smell, their sense of hearing is one of the strongest! Because their hearing is so important, it is necessary to keep their ears clean!

Tips for an Easier Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your dog's ears isn't always easy and it can be a big struggle to get them to stay still. It can result in a huge mess and leave you covered from head to toe in wax and other debris. Their ears are also a lot more sensitive than ours, according to an article on VCA. Here are a few tips to help the process go a little more smoothly:

  • Start handling and cleaning their ears at an early age: It will begin to seem more common to them and they will learn early on that this is normal.
  • Don't stop just because it's sore: It is hard but do not stop if they are fighting you. Just like children, they learn this behavior works and will keep repeating it. Use your gut instinct in these situations and never put yourself in danger if the dog is getting too angry.
  • Muzzle training: If you have an already aggressive dog, it may be helpful to put a muzzle on the dog just for the cleaning. After a few times, you can try removing the muzzle to see if they react more calmly.
  • Use Earwax Pet: Earwax Pet is so simple to use and doesn't take long. It will get your pet through the cleaning process quickly so you don't have to put up a fight. It efficiently dissolves the wax making the ear crystal clean!
  • See a Vet: If all else fails, schedule an appointment to see a veterinarian. It is never worth it to put yourself at risk.
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Why Cleaning Your Dog's Ears is Important

Like it says above, hearing is one of a dog's strongest senses, but that is not the only reason you should keep their ears clean.

Ear infections are very common in dogs and can result in a pricey trip to the vet. Normal cleanings may help prevent this and not only save you some time but save your dog the pain.

Remember it is never okay to stick any type of object into your dog's ear canal. This is why Earwax Pet™ is a great solution when it comes to giving your dog a proper ear cleaning. Earwax PET is a new, revolutionary product for cleaning dogs ears.


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