All About Ear Wax Pet

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All About Earwax PET™

Earwax PET is a new, patent-pending formula, that quickly and effectively cleans wax, dirt and other debris from the ear canal, reducing odor and irritation in the ears. It is a veterinarian tested and approved product that can be used for routine cleaning and maintenance of the ear canal. It is a non-irritating formula, that leaves your dog with clean and clear ears. You will notice the bottle comes with an attached dropper to insert the solution. However, it also includes 10 disposable pipettes for families that have multiple dogs, or for those who are concerned about cross-contamination between doses. Using the disposable pipettes will help reduce the chance of infection from cross-contamination.

Most of the products on the shelves today are designed to simply clean the dogs' ears, without specifically fighting the excess earwax. Earwax PET not only cleans the ear but helps reduce the amount of wax in dogs ears, providing a comprehensive cleaning system. According to veterinarians using Earwax PET in their offices, this is the only product that doesn't cause additional irritation and discomfort to dogs.


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