Earwax Pet™ Is Available on our Website!

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 Earwax PET™ is available on our website and we couldn't be more excited to share this product with the world!

Cleaning your dog's ears is just as important as cleaning your own, so we designed Earwax PET to give every pet owner the chance to experience an easier and more efficient cleaning experience. This blog will tell you a little more about our product.

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What is Earwax PET™?

Earwax PET is a formula, that quickly and effectively cleans wax, dirt and other debris from the ear canal, reducing odor and irritation in the ears. It is a veterinarian tested and approved a product that can be used for routine cleaning and maintenance of the ear canal. It is a non-irritating formula that leaves your dog with clean and clear ears. It also includes 10 disposable pipettes to reduce the chance of infection from contamination. 

How To Use Earwax PET™

Earwax PET is extremely user-friendly and simple if you follow these steps:

  • Lay dog on their side and gently wipe away any debris from the around the outer ear with a cotton ball or facial tissue. This can also be done with the dog in a normal standing position
  • For large dogs (greater than 35 pounds), slowly place 1 full dropper into the ear canal
  • For small dogs (less than 35 pounds), slowly place ½ dropper into the ear canal
  • Gently massage the base of ear for several minutes
  • Keep the dog still for 5-15 minutes to allow the wax and debris to dissolve
  • Allow the dog to shake head as needed to remove excess fluid
  • Dry outer ear canal with a clean cotton ball or clean tissue
  • Repeat immediately if the ear canal is not visually clean
  • Treat ear every month or as directed by your veterinarian

Imagining A World Where Healthcare Is Humane

At Eosera, we have a passion for helping others, pets included! Don't miss out on our newest product Earwax PET. You and your dog will be happy you didn't!

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