How To Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day This Year

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Tomorrow (February 20th) is national Love Your Pet Day. Here at Eosera, we’re a big fan of pets. They even come with us to work! Meet our favorite little guys, Hank and Frisbee. Hank’s human is our marketing associate, Evan, and Frisbee’s human is our fearless leader and CEO, Elyse. Hank and Frisbee come to work with their humans most days and sit in on important meetings (okay, fine, maybe they nap through them…).

We couldn’t let National Love Your Pet Day go by without giving a shout out to our favorite office dogs.


Hank the dog



To the right is our favorite puppy, Hank. He's only seven months old and he loves to chew on mom's socks. He loves cheese, bananas, and is timid around new people.





White, small, fluffy dog in a gray bed


To the left is our pal, Frisbee. Frisbee is about 2 years old and loves to eat treats and bask in the sun on mom's porch. 




Interested in showing your dog or cat some love on this pet holiday? Check out our pet product, EARWAX PET. It clears animal’s ears of wax, dirt, and debris. You never know what could be lurking in your pet’s ears! Earwax impaction can be ruff… grab yourself some EARWAX PET today!





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