10 Reasons to be Thankful for your Dad

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If you didn't already know, Father's Day is Sunday and there are so many reasons to celebrate the day! Dad's are rock stars and should be appreciated every day, but on this day it doesn't hurt to remind them how thankful you are for them. This article gives you 10 reasons to be thankful for your dad!

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10 Reasons to be Thankful for your Dad

1. As a girl, he's the first man to ever love you: A dad will always be his daughters first love. As you grow older, it's common to look for your dad in everyone you meet... because let's be honest, no man is better.

2. As a boy, he's your role model: From teaching you to shave to showing you how to throw a fastball, he knows how to do everything and lucky for you, he is there to help you every step of the way.

3. He appreciates every gift: Remember all those silly paper cards you made him in elementary school because you couldn't afford to buy him an actual gift... yeah he has kept all of those. Some of the best gifts money can't buy.

4. He's not afraid to act like a kid: Boys really don't ever grow up... and dads may just be the perfect example of that.

5. He will make you listen to all the classics: You don't always appreciate this when you are younger but one day you'll be glad you know the words of all of the Beatles songs.

6. He protects you: From monsters under your bed to the boys that break your heart, he always has your back and is the first person to make you feel safe.

7. He has high expectations for you: He expects only the best, but he supports you the whole way through and truly believes you are capable of greatness.

8. He can fix literally anything: For some reason when guys become dads that automatically get the magic touch. Maybe it is just their life and learning experiences but they seem to know how to fix just about everything.

9. He will provide for you: He works hard so you don't have to. He never wants to miss those soccer practices, but sometimes he has to work late so you can keep doing the things you love.

10. He will always be your dad: Whether he lives right down the street or in a different state, he will always be your dad. And that alone is something to be thankful for.

This One is For the Dads

Let's be honest, this list only begins to list off reasons we are thankful for our dads, but it's a nice reminder to have before the day to celebrate them. Spend some quality time with your dad this weekend and let him know how much he means to you!

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