10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Mom

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Mother's Day is here and it's a whole day set aside to give some thanks to the ones that made us who we are. So whether you see her every day, you're grown and don't see her as often anymore, or if your relationship has changed along the way, take advantage of today and let her know how important she is. This article will give you a few reasons to be extra thankful for the women who put you on this earth.

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Mom

  • She changed your diapers: this one doesn't need an explanation... even in the middle of the night, she had your back.
  • She washed your clothes, did the dishes and made you dinner: this was all after her long day at work, or running errands to the store and cleaning the house. She never got a nap time.
  • She was your biggest fan: from football games to dance recitals she was always the loudest one in the crowd.
  • She forgave you when you were wrong and encouraged you when you were right: we may have hated those lectures but without them, we may have never learned.
  • She took care of you when you were sick: no one is easy to please when they aren't feeling well (and if you were anything like me... it was a traumatic couple of days for her).
  • She always has the best advice: this one stays around forever. From when you were young till now, she always has your best interest in heart.
  • She didn't always tell Dad: let's be real, some things are just better not said.
  • She dropped anything when you needed her: whether it was a fight with your boyfriend, your best friend or you just had a bad day, she was the first one to tell you it would all be okay.
  • She always had big dreams for you: even when you didn't think that you could do something, she knew you could.
  • She gave you this life: without her, you wouldn't be where you are today and that in and of itself, is something to be thankful for.

This One's for You, Mom

Today is your day! Let your children spoil you and give thanks because you have truly earned it. And know that even if they don't say it every day, they are so thankful and lucky to have a mom like you. You are exceptional!

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