Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate the Moms in Your Life

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Mothers and mother figures are our real-life superheroes.

I love that we get a dedicated day to celebrate them every year. Here’s 5 great ways you can celebrate the moms in your life.


  1. Know her love language and practice it. Does she love flowers? Gifts? Spending time with you? Find out how your mother figure receives love and use that information to let her know how much she means to you.
  2. Put together a book of lessons you’ve learned from her. Does your mother figure have a saying she repeats all the time? Does she know a thing or two about life? Put it down in a homemade book. She’ll love this one because it’s from the heart.
  3. Put together a cookbook of your mother figure’s favorite recipes that she made you now or growing up. Our family did this one year and made copies for everyone. Now, instead of calling our mom for the recipe every time we have a dinner party, we have all of them in one place for our reference. Bonus: include photos in the book of your family making/enjoying the food. (Turns out those pictures your dad/father figure took when you were eating Thanksgiving dinner, though annoying at the time, are coming in handy!)
  4. Spend time doing what she wants to do. Remember all those times growing up where your mother figure spent countless hours doing what you wanted to do? Now’s the time to watch the movie she wants to watch or play her favorite game. She’ll enjoy the extra attention and thoughtfulness.
  5. Cook her dinner. Chances are your mother figure cooked for you more times than you can count. Try pampering her this year and make her a nice meal without letting her lift a finger.



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