International Women's Day

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At the Eosera office, we celebrate big on International Women’s Day. As a female-led and majority woman-employed company, we feel we have a responsibility to represent fierce women in business (sassy hair flip). So, that’s why we think International Women’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate our ladies who hustle (whether that’s being a stay-at-home mom, working your 9-5, getting your degree, being a boss lady, or owning your own gig).




What is International Women’s Day?

I’m glad you asked. International Women’s Day celebrates those who identify as women and the call for gender equality. Did you know the first International Women’s Day gathering or celebration was in 1911? We’ve officially celebrated women for over a century now but are still garnering for equal rights and equal representation politically.

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

Do you call your favorite women? Do you let the women in your life know how amazing they are? Do you donate to a women’s shelter?

Personally, we like to get the word out and celebrate the women in our office by taking to social media. We think that by letting people know that we are proud to be a female-led company, we can inspire others to speak up for equality, chase their dreams, and take appropriate risks in business.





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