What to Pack in Your Travel Bag

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Okay, it's time to talk about something you all hate; packing. And yes, I am talking about more than just a couple of pairs of socks and some clean underwear.

Toiletries are sometimes the hardest things to remember to pack, especially because of how frequently you use them. Brace yourselves, because now one more thing has been added to that long list, Earwax MD!

If your flight is leaving in the morning and you haven't packed a single thing, this article is for you! Here are all the packing musts for your trip.

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Improving Your Packing Experience

You only have to pack what you need! Don't bring stuff that you know you will never wear/use on your trip. Below is a list of essentials every man needs on any type of trip.

  • Extra pair of socks, underwear, and clothes- you will thank me when you have a spill or it rains.
  • Keep the weather in mind- traveling to a different part of the world may bring a change in the weather. Pack for the unexpected and look at the weather in advance.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant- ... that's a given, but with how often you use these, they can often be forgotten to be but in your bag when you're running out the door.
  • Razor and shaving cream- if you're going on a business trip, this may be necessary.
  • Phone/laptop charger- these are essential and expensive to buy if you forget them.
  • Shampoo- those tiny hotel room shampoo's don't always cut it.
  • Earwax MD- if you didn't already know, it's a must! Making Earwax MD a part of your routine will result in cleaner ears.

What is Earwax MD and Why Should I Pack-It?

Some of you may have been caught off guard on that last item, but it's so important! Just like you take care of your teeth, your hair, and your skin, you also need to take care of your ears.

Earwax MD is designed to dissolve the excess or impacted ear wax. You may not think you have an earwax problem but you may be surprised how much better you can hear after just one use and it never hurts to clean them! Adding Earwax MD into your weekly routine is simple.

Earwax MD is especially helpful in the summer when you are in and out of the water. It is a fast and easy way to clean out your ears and avoid swimmers ear that would ruin your fun.

Safe Travels!

Now you are all packed and ready for your trip! Use the simple list provided above to make sure you have all of the traveling necessities. You can thank me when you get back for the ProTip on including Earwax MD!

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