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Who Is Eosera?

Eosera is a majority woman-owned biotechnology company specializing in ear care products and empowering fierce women (sassy snap). We are based in Fort Worth, Texas and proudly manufacture all seven of our products in-house; those products include EARWAX MD®, EARWAX MD® Kids, EAR ITCH MD® NIGHTTIME, WAX BLASTER MD®, and EARWAX PET Ear Cleaner for Dogs™. Eosera also practices Conscious Capitalism, a philosophy with a central principle that companies should do more for their customers, investors, employees, and the environment than make money. Our mission at Eosera is healing humans and we value people over profits any day of the week.

Eosera founders  and EARWAX MD creators smiling on stairs. Elyse laughing.
Eosera founders and EARWAX MD creators smiling on stairs.

[Her]story and [His]tory

CEO Elyse Dickerson and CSO Joe Griffin, Ph.D., founded Eosera® in 2015. They spoke to as many doctors in as many fields as they could to gather information on what needs weren’t being met in the healthcare market. Surprisingly, earwax impaction came out (pun intended) on top. Eosera partnered with Tech Fort Worth and began testing solutions in the lab for nine months before they came up with the clinically proven flagship product, EARWAX MD, a product that works in as quickly as 15 minutes. EARWAX MD uses a dual-action technology to dissolve earwax and clean the ear canal of any wax, oils, and debris, along with your cares and worries.

Eosera has product in over 13,000 stores nationwide, including Rite Aid, CVS, and online at Amazon.

We’re proud to be Everything Ear Care, and proud to be creating the latest innovations in ear care in decades.

What does Eosera mean?

1. e o s
noun| \ˈē-ˌäs\
the Greek goddess of dawn — compare aurora

2. e r a
noun | /ˈirə,ˈerə/
a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic

Put it together, and it means new beginnings. After losing their big pharma jobs in 2015, our founders set out to create a new beginning, one that healed people.

Follow us on our journey.


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