“I would definitely recommend EARWAX MD. [I use hearing aids and] every day I have what I call earwax explosions. In class, I have to get up and wipe out my ear. I remember the first time I used [EARWAX MD], the explosions didn’t happen for a week. I think it’s really important for people to keep their ears clean, especially when they have a [hearing device] in.”

- Braden Baker

EARWAX MD Customer | Read more about Braden's story HERE

*Eosera donated $10,00 worth of EARWAX MD to Braden's mission to provide hearing aids to all around the world who need them.

Braden Baker on Skateboard

“Most over-the-counter products are designed to soften ear wax impactions over the course of multiple days, requiring multiple treatments. EARWAX MD is the only product formulated to disrupt impacted cerumen by attacking both the solid and the lipid components of the wax. This causes the impacted wax to break down quickly and safely, and more effectively than other over-the-counter treatments.”

- Soham Roy, MD

“I would say three out of ten patients would need to remove wax from their ears before we can get a good hearing test, and certainly before we can have them hear better with the use of devices. EARWAX MD would be something we can use confidently for at-home patient use and also in the office.

- Robin Carson, AuD

Douglas Fullington Headshot

"Greater than 85% of all ears had total clearing of cerumen after 1 or 2 treatments."

- Douglas Fullington, MD


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